"My daughter, a student at MSU, tried to start her car one morning and nothing happened. She was petrified and didn't know
what to do. Fortunately one of her friends recommended Performance Automotive - said that they were good guys and fair.  
She called them and they had the vehicle towed to their garage and gave her an estimate for the repairs. She called me - I was
skeptical and concerned.  I called Performance myself and had a great conversation with Billy and gave him the "go ahead".  
They got her car back on the road the same day and were very professional to boot. "
 JG, Jackson.

"I've been using Performance Automotive for over 10 years to service my family's vehicles.  Living in West Point, there are
closer alternatives, but I trust Performance.  Their prices are fair and they stand behind their work."
MC, West Point.

"My son recently blew an engine in his Jeep Cherokee. Fortunately he wasn't traveling home but rather was in Starkville.  His
older brother used Performance for oil changes, etc. while he was in school; so my son called them to take a look.  Not good
news.  It needed a new engine and radiator.  I called Chis myself and discussed the remedies with him. He did a lot of research
and gave me several options.  I checked with my local mechanic and Performance's prices were in line. It was less expensive to
have the work done in Starkville than to ship the car home, so we went with Performance.  I was amazed that they got the work
done in less than a week.  We are very pleased and feel comfortable that while my son is in school at State, we have a good
mechanic available."
RK, Hattiesburg